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No matter what took place up to now, People of us blessed with the present of Performing within the industry will usually Have a very Airline Family members.

Len Hastings stated Pacific Airways as well as suicidal employee that shot the crew and himself in 1987 bringing the aircraft and travellers down; and this stirred my recollection of a similar incident inside the Livermore Valley of Northern California in 1964; oddly adequate it had been Pacific Airlines again; a Fairchild File-27 turbo prop coming back from Reno, Nevada by using a gambler who experienced shed all he experienced, which include his property which he experienced mortgaged prior and who shot the captain and after that the co-pilot who coincidently I used to be acquainted with. I recall looking through the San Francisco newspaper time and again…it had been so unbelievable.

Why did you not involve Northeast Airways? The jets have been famouly contact “Yellowbitds” due to yellow underbelly and tail. It originallly started someday while in the thirty’s I think being a cropduster airline in Monroe, LA.

Uncovered your sight on Google and will have to say I liked reading the info and reviews. The pictures brought back a lot of Reminiscences from my childhood and infrequently questioned what transpired to Some Airways that just appear to “vanish”….

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Fb’s daily Energetic person foundation inside the U.S. and Canada fell for The 1st time at any time during the fourth quarter, dropping to 184 million from 185 million within the earlier quarter.

I had been Delta’s District Revenue Supervisor at EWR from 1966 until eventually 1992. Your website genuinely brings back again some fantastic Recollections of a Substantially happier time from the airline field. Back when, Even though their was fierce competition involving carriers, there was also a really potent bond and honest camaraderie concerning all airline staff members.

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Your information about the closing of Braniff has the incorrect year (see quotation under). I employed to operate for Braniff if they sold the latinamerican routes to Japanese Airlines. Eastern was presently Arranging their operation for this routes in May perhaps 1981.

The multicolored planes experienced just been introduced. Seeking to quiet him I asked “Did you no less than fly on a reasonably coloured airplane?” His disgusted reply, “It had been child-shit yellow.”

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what occurred to modernair? It was I believe situated in miami and experienced a individual inner route procedure in west germany. they operated convair 880s and 990s around the german routes some of the woman flight attendaants had been topless ps Iblieve the 880s had been then the fastess civil jet plane in assistance

The tax handed and town exited bankruptcy in 2015. It seems couple classes are acquired while in the interval.

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